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Package Breakdown

Beer and Wine Package

YOU bring the beer and wine.

WE bring the bartender, 50 pounds of ice, ice tubs, ice scoop, large cooler, clear plastic cups, wine and bottle opener, straws and napkins with holder, spill mats, and cleaning towels. Salt, limes and oranges are available upon request at no extra charge.

Full Bar Package

YOU bring the beer, wine and liquor

WE bring the bartender, standard mixers, garnishes and serving tray, clear plastic cups, straws and napkins with holder, 100 pounds of ice, ice tubs, ice bin, ice scoop, large cooler, pour spouts for liquor bottles, cocktail shakers, jiggers for measuring, wine and bottle opener, knife and cutting board, spill mats, cleaning towels

Standard mixers include: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, tonic and soda water, cranberry and orange juice. (You may need supplemental beverages for general consumption)

Garnishes: Lime wedges

Craft Full Bar

YOU bring the beer, wine and liquor

WE bring the bartender, "Full Bar" setup with advanced mixers and tools ,fresh garnishes and juices.

Advanced mixers include: Standard mixers from the full bar + fresh lime and lemon juice, ginger beer, ginger ale, grenadine, simple syrup and bitters

Garnishes: Lime and lemon wedges, oranges, olives, cherries and fresh mint

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